Astronomy News

I have two bits of news related to astronomy.¬† First, this beautifully made map of the night sky as of Portalarium’s summer telethon part 1. This image is pieced together […]

In the heaven beyond our skies, dwell stars whose numbers are beyond our reckoning. Within our heaven, circling our world, sweeps our bright sun. Nine other orbs trace tight paths around our world. The shattered moon Daedelus is desolate, its light only a reflection of the sun’s brilliance.

The other eight orbs are thought by some to be planets like our own. According to the roles they play in our many legends, they have been named for the anti-virtues of the avatars. The closest is Deciet, followed further out by Despite, Dastard, Injustice, Punishment, Dishonor, Carnality, and Vanity.

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