Site News

Site officially launches.  Horray!

So those who may have followed my posts on the SotA forums may take note that I’ve left out a lot of information for the site launch.  The reason for this is a lot of information is now in flux and may soon be out of date.

I do want to take a moment to talk briefly about future plans for the site.  Starting with the a new social group I’m presently calling the New Britannia Astronomer’s Society.  Which is a collection of players who share a common interest in the night skies above New Britannia.  For now it’s just a rough idea but I will post any developments.

As time and energy permits I do plan to expand the site with any relevant information pertaining to SotA astronomy and long term goals may include custom resources for astronomers.  We’ll see how that goes but that’s the plan.

I will also post announcements for any astronomy related events as well as promote any groups or locations such as player built observatories.  (I’m aware of plans for at least two).

Ideas and constructive feedback is welcome.