The Heavens

In the heavens above New Britannia exists 10 orbital bodies and 14 visible constellations.  All of which orbit New Britannia in a geocentric system, including the sun.  Meaning New Britannia itself is stationary and for all intensive purposes doesn’t even rotate.

The Planets

The planetary orbits around New Britannia last but a number of days each.  These days are based on prime numbers.  They are not necessarily according to orbital distance however.  Daedelus, which is the closest orbital has the 3rd fastest orbit out of 10 taking 7 days to make a complete orbit around New Britannia. (I’m not counting the sun which has a 1 day orbit).

It should be noted that the 8 planets (of which Daedelus is not counted) each represent one of the anti-virtues of the Avatar and are colored accordingly.

These are the planets from closest to farthest.  They travel across the sky from East to West.

Daedelus – The shattered moon completes a full orbit every 7 days.

 Deceit has an orbital duration of 19 days.

 Despite has an orbital duration of 17 days.

planet_red Dastard has an orbital duration of 13 days.

 Injustice has an orbital duration of 11 days.

 Punishment has an orbital duration of 3 days.

 Dishonor has an orbital duration of 2 days.

planet_white Carnality has an orbital duration of 29 days.

planet_purple Vanity has an orbital duration of 23 days.

The Constellations

There are 14 constellations visible in the night sky.  These are divided into 2 groups of 7 and each grouping has a single constellation which is prominent with the other 6 above it.  Each of these six take turns occupying the highest point in the sky for one month out the year.  They traverse the night sky from West to East.

One grouping of constellations travels across the northern sky while the other travels across the south.  It takes exactly one year for the constellations to complete a single orbit.  As such, each constellation is dominant during the same month each year.

The northern, or Order grouping has the following constellations.




The Hand


The Sword


The Heart


The Scales


The Tear


The Chalice

The southern.. or Chaos grouping has the following constellations..




The Crook


The Ankh


The Book


The Candle


The Bell