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I have two bits of news related to astronomy.  First, this beautifully made map of the night sky as of Portalarium’s summer telethon part 1.

This image is pieced together from screenshots from the telethon and shows the constellations with additional imagery when you equip the upcoming astrolabe neckless but there are two other things I’d like to point out here.

The first is the arrangement of constellations appears to have been updated.  So far the constellations have always travelled the New Britannia sky from west to east.. or if you’re facing North.. from left to right.  However, the order of appearance of the constellations didn’t follow traditional Ultima lore.. now with this arrangement that would seem to be fixed.

Additionally, there is an additional image worked in.. if you look closely above the Tear of Sacrifice you’ll see the image of an eye.  While perhaps not significant it is a deviation and an interesting piece of additional detail.

The second other bit of news is the Friday Night Astronomy event is starting up again.  7:30pm CST on Friday nights.  All are welcome to come and check out the stars in our sky, pick my brains or just hang out.  I am hoping to add some variety to the event and move around a bit so what the event announcements for any details.

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  1. You have done an amazing job evaluating the night sky.


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